Filippo Cosentino is an italian-born composer and music producer. As musician is author of the best-selling albums titled ASK, Heros and Baritune in the Amazon Music and Apple Music European Charts

Awarded as composer by the Lviv Philarmonic in Ukraine where the resident strings quartet played his composition Circle #1 and by the National Cultural Institute in Mexico for the execution of his own music at the Fray Ándres de San Miguel theatre

 Filippo is a guitar player [from classical and acoustic/folk guitar to jazz guitar, baritone included], piano and bass player

A soundtracks should create a compliantion with the images and narrativies of the entire story. For that reason and thanks to his musical studies Filippo has the possibility to compose music in multiple ways: orchestral, classical and barroque, minimalist, jazz, pop, blues

Filippo has been commissioned to compose a various number of soundtracks each kind of audio-visual production: from the featured film to theatre shows, from the short films to the adverstising. 

Mention a few of them: the featured film titled GOW, an independent production already available on the major UK OTT Pzaz with millions of views, the theatre shows Carlotta the musical and History of Liliana Segre and finally in documentaries about italian landscapes broadcasted in the national television

Filippo has been working as music composer for the soundtracks and director of the sound designer department for short films Praise to loneliness and Life included in the official selection at the Cannes Film Festival (2011) and David di Donatello (2022).

As producer and musician Filippo as an intense activity especially working for some of the major jazz and/or contemporary music label in Europe. Over all the IpogeoRecords with which he produced the album titled Heros that has been selected for the first round ballot for the Grammy® nominations. The 2023 newest recording is titled ASK recorded with the great american piano player Marc Copland. In general Filippo has played in much more than 50 music albums

Defined by the Guitar Club Magazine as “one of the most influent contemporary composer and musician”, Filippo has more than 20 years of experience in the music fields working with some of the most famous pop and jazz european artists with tours all over the world participating in some of the most important music festivals

Filippo is graduated Summa Cum Laude at the Conservatorio G.B. Martini in Bologna, one of the oldest music institutions in Europe and he has multiple degrees in the fields of Music Business, Musicology and Music Philology


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