Back home from Germany and Lithania

Hello everybody,
Last week was great with a lot of fun and good music.
I've been very lucky to play with a lot of good musicians in nice places. Also the audience was fantastic everywhere.

On March 28th and 29th I was at the Schlot Jazz Club, one of the most important venues in Germany and of course in Berlin. There I introduced my album L’astronauta with Andrea Marcelli, mentor and great friend of mine, Olaf Casimir at the double bass and Ludovico Fulci, a great piano player based between Berlin and Rome.

The day after I've been the guest of a wonderful, gorgeous and amazing 4et with Ekkehard Wölk, Johannes Fink and Andrea Marcelli: we played music from italians or foreign movies. Everything was magic. Check them out!

After a nice flight, Andrea and I went to Vilnius. The little Lithuanian capital was a medieval center.

There, we met Andrej, Vytis and Laura. With this 5et we played in three concerts.
The first of them was like an open rehearsal, but it's the gig at the Birstonas Jazz Festival that was very good.
Here are some links where you can find something about our gig:štonas-jazz‘2016-dienoraštis (I know is not in english but they wrote that our 5et was one of the best group of the first day at the jazz festival) 
The Birstonas Jazz Festival is a great jazz fest of the music in Lithuania with a very high level of performances and the organization of the fest was amazing. Also the audience was very kind! 
I would like to thank everybody that hosted us at the festival and hope to see you again in the future!

The day after we moved to Palanga where is the Ramybè, a beautiful venue with a nice stage and good people. Palanga is very close to the Baltic sea.
The gig here was the last of the tour and it was fine, we had good time at the venue and during the morning after, even if we knew that it was the last dawn we could see there.

I would like to thank all the venues for the amazing stages, all the musicians, Schlot Jazz Club, Piano LT, Birstonas Jazz Festival, Ramybè: thank you for hosting; the Italian Institute of Culture for supporting us in Lithuania and all the friends who followed me from Italy with love and passion





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