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Cadenza: latin feelings

Hello everybody!

We are already at our forth appointment with my music and scores published here! 

Cadenza was recorded by me with the italian pianist Pietro Lomuscio and published in the CD Italian Job - JCL produced by Friends4Arts.The latin mood of the beginning (A and B sections) ends with a swing section (C) bringing the listeners in two different atmosphere10440994261?profile=original

Check out here the original recordings

Download here the PDF

I played that tune in 2014 at the beautiful Teatro Sociale G.Busca in Alba (Cn) at the Jazz&Co Jazz Fest with the amazing italian pianist Rita Marcotulli and the drummer Carlo Gaia 

cadenza jazz&Co w.rita marcotulli from Filippo Cosentino on Vimeo.

Enjoy that tune and remember to email me if you want to know more details!

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Serendipity (feat.Michael Rosen)

Hello everybody! 

Some years ago I composed Serendipity, a sort of ballad that could lull the listeners

That tune was written and composed for baritone guitar, tenor saxophone (Michael Rosen) and drums (Carlo Gaia)

The meaning of the world refers to the fairy tale characters who were always making discoveries through chance

The song is included in my CD Human Being (Emme Record Label)

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Enjoy it and remember to email me for any questions!

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