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Hi Everybody!


ph by Heriberto Carrera

Yesterday was a great honor played for the inaugural concert of the 2nd edition of the Neuma Festival Internacional de Jazz de la Ciudad de Mexico

Here some video

12:17 Soul (Filippo Cosentino)

Click here to see the video

2:48 Briza de Verano (J.Arrivillaga) - 12:42 Dancing (Filippo Cosentino)  - 21:07 Nature Boy  

Click here to see the second video

The place where we played is the Museo de el Carmen por la noches de museos, an huge building which hosted a convent. 

As you can see from the pictures, a lot of people came to listen to the concert and I very would like to say a big and super special “thank you” to all the Neuma team, to the director and my friend Gil, to the musicians I played with: Javier, Luis and Mildred!


ph by Kenneyrha Fotoğrafçı


ph by Kenneyrha Fotoğrafçı


ph by Kenneyrha Fotoğrafçı


ph by Heriberto Carrera

A special thank to the Italian Institute of Culture in Mexico City for the support 


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