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Hi Everybody!


ph by Heriberto Carrera

Yesterday was a great honor played for the inaugural concert of the 2nd edition of the Neuma Festival Internacional de Jazz de la Ciudad de Mexico

Here some video

12:17 Soul (Filippo Cosentino)

Click here to see the video

2:48 Briza de Verano (J.Arrivillaga) - 12:42 Dancing (Filippo Cosentino)  - 21:07 Nature Boy  

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The place where we played is the Museo de el Carmen por la noches de museos, an huge building which hosted a convent. 

As you can see from the pictures, a lot of people came to listen to the concert and I very would like to say a big and super special “thank you” to all the Neuma team, to the director and my friend Gil, to the musicians I played with: Javier, Luis and Mildred!


ph by Kenneyrha Fotoğrafçı


ph by Kenneyrha Fotoğrafçı


ph by Kenneyrha Fotoğrafçı


ph by Heriberto Carrera

A special thank to the Italian Institute of Culture in Mexico City for the support 


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Hello everybody! 

Hola a todos! 

As you know I am at the Neuma Festival Internacional de la Ciudad de Mexico 

Como sabéis soy aquí por tocar la guitarra en el Neuma Festival Internacional de la Ciudad de México

Tonight will starts the concerts at this huge festival and I would like to thank all people that invite me here, Gil and Tallia that came to pick-up me at the airport and bring me to visit the city last night, and of course the musicians I will play with Javier, Luis and Mildred

Esta noche nos tocaremos en el hermosissimo Museo en el Carmen por la Noche de Museos. Encantado tocar la mi guitarra por esta mucho importante noche y para los 90 anniversario del Museo

Vienen al concierto! 

Will perform at the Museo de el Carmen to celebrate the 90th anniversary and I feel grateful that my concert is the inaugural one! 

Thanks for the support to the Italian Institute of Culture in Mexico City

Agradezco mucho de lo apoyo de Istituto Italiano di Cultura de la Ciudad de Mexico


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